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Coding Services using NVivo Software

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NVivo 2020 Software USA Partner Reseller
(USA and USA Territories)

NVivo 2020 is the latest widely-used version which was released in March, 2020.

  • Perpetual full licenses of NVivo 2020 for Windows and Mac
  • Upgrades to perpetual full licenses of NVivo 2020 for Windows and Mac, upgrading from NVivo 11 or NVivo 12
  • Student licenses NVivo 2020 for Windows and Mac (12 month time-limited)
  • Annual licensing for add-on transcription and collaboration modules for NVivo 2020 for Windows and Mac

Purchase ProSuite, QDA Miner 6, WordStat 9, SimStat 2.6 Software Online, US Distributor for Provalis Research Software
USA Distributor for Provalis Research

Leading qualitative and hybrid (mixed methods) software.
Finely-tuned programming to handle small and large datasets.

  • Latest Versions: ProSuite; QDA Miner 6; WordStat 9; SimStat 2.6
  • 1-Year and 3-Year Licensing (Save 25% on 3-Year)
  • Quantity discounts on 2+ products
  • Bundles available at reduced prices, e.g., QDA Miner 6 with WordStat 9.